Karnet Design
Dynamic & experienced company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands
We specialize in master planning, project conceptualization, design development, attraction & exhibit development, project management, technical design for theme parks, integrated resorts, edutainment, mix use developments, water parks, museums, aquariums, attractions, shows and themed malls & restaurants.
Cooperating with highly skilled and qualified professional partners, KarnetDesign brings its international knowledge and experience as a benefit to your design project.
Clients chose Karnet Design because of our ability to handle project from concept to construction in a turn-key package, which guaranteed that the final product looks the way we design it.
Our company brings enthusiastic creativity to all phases of development projects from programming to opening.
Sergej spent many years designing for TV, Cinema & Themed Environment Industry and he is making the benefit of his knowledge available as a Themed Design consultant.

With an Architecture Academy and years of Movie - making experience in his background Mr. Karnet has a very strong visual connection to the storytelling and a solid ability to create environments with desired atmosphere.
Creative director and owner
Sergej Karnet
+3 165 572 81 48


Вячеслав: +7 909 689 24 32
Сергей: +7 910 462 37 70

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